Halloween Hides and Creepy Caches
Saturday 25th October 2014   facebook icon picasa icon geocaching icon email icon


Firstly we must thank all the Geocachers who have supported the HH&CC Halloween event year after year. This year we are announcing after a five year run we will be taking a break and not holding the event in October 2015. All the crew members work extremely hard putting together the event you have all enjoyed and experienced, and, with several of our crew having additional commitments this year (including two becoming fathers, congratulations to Brew-a-cache & Mcaddy) we have decided that we would not want to hold the event when we could not all be 100% committed to bringing you the best. We work as a team and we think you will agree that the team has delivered year after year bringing you some amazing creations and memorable caching experiences.

The plan is to return in 2016 once the crew is back together and after a year’s break you can be assured of some exciting and spooky new ideas!

The Halloween Crew

Bevaren (Erica)
Brew-a-cache (Andy)
Cannonfodder32 (Andy)
MissKemosabe (Sandra)
Doyboyz (Karl)
Flamedodger (Colin)
Lime Candy (Jenny)
Lorri-Ann & Kev (Lorri-Ann)
MCaddy (Mike)
SCFurniss (Carol & Stuart)
T A G (Colin)

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